Enabling the Use of AI

to Fuel Human Creativity

Our Goals

  • Addressing the AI Challenge
    Confront the complexities introduced by advancements in generative AI, ensuring that they are both legally compliant and ethically robust
  • Creating a Sustainable Playing Field
    Equalise opportunities for creators and stakeholders alike, balancing the scales in an industry which continually is being reshaped by technology
  • Ethical and Sustainable Certification
    Provide a clear, secure pathway for creatives to obtain certification in the generative AI era, offering the AI:OK stamp as a seal of ethical and sustainable practices
  • Promoting Intellectual Property Protection
    Safeguard the intellectual property of creators and stakeholders, thereby nurturing an environment that fosters innovation and well-being
  • Encouraging Responsible Action
    Encourage stakeholders to act with integrity, contributing to the common good across creative sectors
As AI-generated music enters the market, consumers and stakeholders currently don’t know what content is AI generated and what isn’t, but just knowing whether or not AI was used isn’t enough.
AI can be a useful tool but only if it fuels, encourages and/or rewards human creativity.
The presence of AI in the creative process is not the primary concern, but rather if this use of AI is encouraging human creativity or replacing it. Therefore, it is important to consider not just if AI is used but how it is used.
We propose an industry-standard stamp as a recognisable symbol of AI:OK certification.
The primary purpose of the AI:OK logo is to define what AI use is deemed “OK” and convey this to consumers and stakeholders.
At its essence, the AI:OK logo system is a robust, secure, server-based, revocable label for approved music and services in the era of Generative AI. We propose an industry-standard stamp as a recognisable symbol of AI:OK certification.