Promoting the role of human creativity in the age of AI

What is AI:OK?

  • The AI:OK logo represents a secure and trustworthy certification for approved music, products and services within the music ecosystem in the era of Generative AI and future technologies.
  • The industry-standard logo acts as a recognisable symbol of AI:OK certification.
  • The AI:OK logo is comparable to recognisable, criteria/compliance-based certifications such as Good Housekeeping seal, Energy Star, or Red Tractor.

Problem: As AI-generated music enters the market, consumers and stakeholders currently don’t know what content is AI generated and what isn’t, but just knowing whether or not AI was used isn’t enough. 

AI can be a useful tool but only if it fuels, encourages and/or rewards human creativity. 

The presence of AI in the creative process is not the primary concern, but rather if this use of AI is encouraging human creativity or replacing it. 

Therefore, it is important to consider not just if AI is used but how it is used. 

The AI:OK logo benefits the industry by defining and managing sustainable AI use standards and fostering trust among consumers and creators.

It reassures stakeholders regarding the equitable sourcing and creation of AI-driven services and products while providing creators with a mark of quality and compliance that enhances their artistic and commercial credibility.


  • Address the AI challenge posed by technological advancements in generative AI 
  • Create a sustainable playing field for creators and stakeholders 
  • Provide a pathway for ethical and sustainable certification for creatives in the generative AI era 
  • Promote intellectual property protection, innovation and well-being for all stakeholders 
  • Encourage stakeholders to act responsibly, promoting the common good across