Our Approach

Defining Criteria and Establishing a Governing Body

In order to ensure success, it is crucial the AI:OK parameters are agreed upon by the appropriate stakeholders. 

Key steps to agreeing what qualifies as AI:OK:

  • Create a non-profit standard-setting governing body
  • Inclusion of stakeholders from the music industry ecosystem
  • Agree upon operating principles for AI:OK and its ecosystem  
  • Create clear criteria for the use of AI:OK logo

Support for the Governing Body

As with any standard-setting body, this governing body will require underlying administrative and technical support.

This will be achieved through creating an organisation populated by industry veterans with experience in both AI and a broad range of music industry expertise

AI:OK Governance Structure

The CREATE Organisation

  • CREATE will be a non-profit set up to agree upon and govern the criteria as well as oversee the technology development for AI:OK (modelled after DDEX)
  • It is envisioned that CREATE will be governed by an Executive Board of Charter Members.

In our quest for consensus, we acknowledge the challenges of achieving industry-wide agreement. Yet, the key to facing the AI challenge lies in unity. CREATE aims to form an industry wide alliance fostering a collaborative environment to identify best practices for the industry and consumers in AI music goods and services. 

As new AI tools emerge, the need for ethical oversight intensifies. CREATE’s governance structure is designed to bring together diverse perspectives, ensuring sustainability, transparency and innovative revenue streams.


Partly modelled after Rightscom (the DDEX secretariat), AI:OK is a supporting organisation that will provide the following functions:

  • Administrative functions (board meetings, websites, member services, events, basecamp, standards and knowledge base management, Trademark registration, maintenance and enforcement) 
  • Technology support functions (including technical infrastructure such as operating a secure, revocable, server-based logo system)
  • Technology identification & evaluation and/or development. For example, issuing RFIs and RFPs on behalf of the CREATE membership.