Who We Are

Based in Dublin, the “Silicon Valley” of the EU, and funded by Enterprise Ireland, AI:OK was formed in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin and Dublin College University (DCU) aligned with a network of international AI research institutes. AI:OK is a neutral actor with industry expertise independent of any specific stakeholder group representation. By engaging in focused preparation for emerging technologies such as advanced robotics, next-gen LLMs, and affective computing (nudging) we ensure future proof readiness. As a trusted voice in AI we understand that losing public confidence in this domain is not an option. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical practice.

The strength of AI:OK is underscored by a uniquely qualified team, including:

  • David Hughes, over 25 years of experience at Sony Music and RIAA and a pioneer of DDEX
  • Dr. Martin Clancy, Chair of IEEE Global AI Ethics Committee for the Arts
  • Sarah Keane, experienced management consultant (BearingPoint & Qualtrics) specialising in multi-stakeholder engagements
  • Prof. Tomas Ward, Director of Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics